Renault Alpine A110-50

The one of the most exciting super car which tributes to French car brand's A110 is "Renault Alpine A110-50". It is believed to provide comfort than it's sport counterpart. It is a concept couple car.It has a fuel capacity of 7.9 gallons that is 30 liters. It's length is 170.4 inches which is 443cm and it's width is 77.2 inches which is 196.1 cm.It has height of 48.4 inches i..e. 123 cm and has a curb weight of 1940 lbs that is 880 kg.Even though it doesn't have a luggage capacity it has maximum seating of 2 people.It uses 24 Valve 6 Cylinder as it's engine.It has maximum 7200 RPM.It's torque of 311 lb-ft@ 6200 rpm and has a transmission of 6-Speed Automatic.The only disadvantage of this car is that it can only be used as a sport car and is not comfortable to use it for daily purpose.It is one of the most rarest sport's car.It has every updates to fit into the modern roads.It delivers up to 400 horsepower.This car will be available only as a rear-wheel drive model.



Vehicle Type                     : Couple
Fuel Tank Capacity           : 30 liters
Length                              : 433 cm
Height                               : 123 cm
Width                                : 196.1 cm
Curb Weight                     : 880 kg
Maximum Seating            : 2 people
Displacement                    : 3498 cc
Horsepower                       : 400HP
Max RPM                           : 7200 rpm
Torque                               : 311 lb-ft
Transmission                      : 6-Speed

According to my study so far this car is suitable for those people who have a very keen interests in sport's car as its performance and outer looks as well as inner looks is mind blowing.

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