Lamborghini LP620-4 Green Beret

One of the greatest and mind blowing design and production that Wheelsandmore has ever developed if the "Lamborghini LP620-4 Green Beret". It is based on the current Lamborghini Gallard o LP570-4.As from it's name it is clear that it a couple car which is green in color. It has a fuel tank capacity of 23.8 gallons which is 90 liters. It length is about 172.6 inches which is 438.6 cm and has a wheel base of 100.7 inches that is 256 cm.Its height is 48.8 inches which is 116.5 cm and a width of 74.8 inches that is 190 cm.Its curb weight is about 1340 kg and has a maximum  seating of 2 people.It uses 40 Valve V10 DOHC as it's engine and has a displacement of 5204 cc.It is capable of bearing up to 620 horsepower and its Max RPM is 800 RPM.

It has 443 lb-ft @ 6500 rpm as torque ans 6 speed paddle Shifter as transmission.It take's 3.4 seconds for 0-60 mph.It has a maximum speed of 202 mph that is exactly 325 km/h.


Vehicle Type                 : Couple
Base Price                    : NA
Fuel Tank Capacity      : 90 Liters
Miles Per Gallon          : NA
Length                           : 498.6 cm
Wheel Base                  : 256 cm
Height                           : 116.5 cm
Width                            : 190 cm
Curb Weight                 : 1340 kg
Maximum Seating        : 2 people

Engine                           : 40 Valve V10 DOHC
 Displacement                : 5204 cc
 Horsepower                  : 620 HP
 Max RPM                      : 800 RPM
 Torque                          : 443 lb-ft @ 6500 rpm
 Transmission                : 6 Speed Paddle
 0-60 mph                       : 3.4 sec 
 Maximum Speed           :  202 mph

As far as i have known about this car it is the world class car for a couples. It's design is out of the world it's just so great.One cannot resist the attractive design of this model.

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