Bentley Continental GT Speed

Bentley Continental GT Speed is one of the fastest car delivering quick and smooth changing of gear.It is a Super Sport Coupe car. It's estimated price is about $211.744.It has a fuel tank capacity of 20 gallons that is 90 liters.It has MPG of 12 city/19 hwy.It has a length of 189.2 inches which is 480.6 cm and wheelbase of 108.1 inches which is 274.5cm.It's height is 55.3 inches which is140.4 cm and width is 76.5 inches which is 194.4 cm.It has a curb weight of 5115 lbs which is approximately 2320 kg.It has a luggage capacity of 12.6 cu-ft and has  a maximum seating for 4 people.It uses W12 Twin Turbo as it's engine.It displaces 6.0 liters.It has a horsepower of 625 HP.It has Maximum RPM of 6000.It has a torque 590 lb-ft.It has 6-Speed Automatic Transmission.It takes 4 seconds for 0-60 mph.It has a top speed of 205 mph.



Vehicle Type            : Super Sport
Estimated Price       : $211744
Fuel Capacity           : 90 liters
Length                      : 480.6 cm
Wheelbase               : 274.5 cm
Height                       : 140.4 cm
Width                        : 194.4 cm
Curb Weight             : 2320 kg
Luggage Capacity    : 12.6 cu-ft
Maximum Seating    : 4 people
Horsepower             : 625 HP
0-60 mph                   :   4 sec
Top Speed                :   205 mph

According to my study on this car so far it is one of the most reliable and smooth gear changing super sport car that can be afforded by anyone.This car really is fabulous.

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