McLaren MP4-12C Spider

The most beautiful piece of art one has ever seen is "McLaren MP4-12C Spider". It is a couple car.It uses Twin Turbo VB as it's engine.It has displacement of about 3.8 liters. It is capable of generating 616 HP.It has maximum 7500 RPM.It has torque of 443 lb-ft @ 3000-7000 rpm.It has 7 Speed Auto Manual Transmission.It take only 3.1seconds for 0-60 mph and it has a maximum speed of 204 mph. It has length of 4507 mm that is 177.4 inches and has a width of 19909 mm which is 75.2 inches.It's wheelbase is of 2670mm that is 105.1 inches and has a height of 1199 mm that is 47.2 inches.It's curb weight is 1399 kg.This sports car was designed by Frank Stephenson who is a very famous car designer and has designed many sports car design.



Vehicle Type           : Couple
Wheelbase             : 105.1 inches
Length                    : 177.4 inches
Width                      : 72.2 inches
Height                     : 47.2 inches
Curb Weight           : 1399 kg 
Engine                    : Twin Turbo V8
Displacement          : 3.8 liters
Horsepower            : 616 HP
Max RPM                : 7500 RPM
Torque                     : 443 lb-ft
0-60 mph                  : 3.1 seconds
Maximum Speed     : 204 mph  

According to my study on this sports car "McLaren MP4-12C Spider" is reliable,dashing,awesome and a cool super car which is also suitable for people of any budgets. Buying this car is proper utilization of money.

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