2009 BMW M5 E60 Paint Job Pack

x2p here! When better to release a PJ pack for the M5 than when I am visiting Germany, its homeland. This time its only three but I hope you enjoy them.


(order of names below are same as pictures)

* "NFS MW BMW M3 M5" Remade/Coloured for custom BMW M5
* BMW M5 Tuning by Lumma
* "BMW Colours", this is a street take on BMW POWER cars, sleek and pretty


Concept vehicle by Aaron Beck

Aaron's concept art blog. Check robots and tanks.

Keywords: concept vehicle car automotive art illustration design six 6 wheel barracuda cuda hot rod racer v12 engine road warrior style machine black quarter mile speed accelerator modified blower roll cage

James Chung concept vehicle designs

James' vehicle and entertainment art blog. Also check out conceptships, robots and tanks.

Keywords: digital technical illustration concept automotive car vehicle art design by james chung futuristic spikes on wheels adjust to varying terrain tire traction all atv off road vehicle camera safety feature bubble dome aspect

Concept vehicles by Maxim Revin

One of our favorites... Maxim. Razer on CGHub and conceptships.

Keywords: digital sci-fi science fiction concept automotive car transportation environments futuristic vehicles by russian concept artist maxim revin razer moscow born video game developer interactive concept designer

Concept truck designs by Slava Kazarinov

Slava's blogspot.

Keywords: tecnical 3d three dimensional cargo transport renders based on modular transforming chassis concept semi truck hauler art illustration design by russian transportation designer slava kazarinov man unit work side dump dumper

BMW M5 E60 2009

BMW M5 2009 converted from FM3 to GTA SA by me (Matheus-340)

FM3 Wheels Pack Final

29 Wheels

Standard Wheels

wheel_lr1 - Hamann Edition Race
wheel_lr2 - DUB Presidential
wheel_lr3 - Lexani LTC-701
wheel_lr4 - Dropstars DSO3
wheel_lr5 - DUB Big Chips
wheel_gn1 - Volk Racing TE37
wheel_gn2 - Volk Racing RE30
wheel_gn3 - BBS RS-GT
wheel_gn4 - RAYS VOLK GTC FACE2
wheel_gn5 - American Racing Torq-Thrust M
wheel_sr1 - Gram Lights T57-RC
wheel_sr2 - EnKei NT03+M
wheel_sr3 - Work CR Kai
wheel_sr4 - Advan Super Advan Racing Ver.2
wheel_sr5 - Advan RGII
wheel_sr6 - WedsSport TC105N
wheel_or1 - American Racing Outlaw II

Alternative Wheels

wheel_lr2 - Zender Dynamic
wheel_gn1 - Volk Racing TE37 BLACK
wheel_gn2 - Rota P45R
wheel_gn3 - TSW Trackstar 4
wheel_gn4 - Fikse Profil 5
wheel_gn5 - Boyd Coddington Slayer
wheel_sr1 - RO_JA Motorsports R2-5
wheel_sr2 - BBS RE
wheel_sr3 - BBS RK
wheel_sr4 - RO_JA Motorsports R2-7
wheel_sr5 - Tenzo R DC-6 V1
wheel_sr6 - WedsSport SA-97 F

If you want you can edit/convert/use on other mods.
no problem about that :)



Concept vehicle illustrations by Vadim Gousmanov


Keywords: digital vehicle automotive car truck tractor motorcycle transportation design renders drawing illustration design by russian concept artist vadim gousmanov modern utility vehicle contemporary styling retro future economical practical sci-fi science fiction realistic mass transit

Concept cars by Abraham Martinez


Keywords: vehicle car transportation illustration design digital painting art by abraham martinez student at the art center college of design entertainment design major puma michelin yokohama mobil oil sponsor stickers

Military vehicle concepts by Sam Brown

Sam's blog. Check Sam on concepttanks.

Keywords: digital concept vehicles designed illustrated art drawings rendered by sam brown concept artist mechanical technical drafting moon rover military tanks convoy all terrain atv cars armored rpg rocket propelled grenade ied missile detection squad unit