3D concept vehicles by David J

Cold-Levian on Deviantart. Some ships.

Keywords: three dimensional modeling digital composite render concept truck vehicles locomotive size beast automotive transportation designer david j cold levian futuristic sci-fi video game film movie transport concepts

Vehicle concepts by Albert Yu

Al Yu Industrial Design concepts. More on conceptships.

Keywords: albert yu al yu automotive design concepts sci-fi industrial design concept art san francisco pasadena art center college of design graduate disney epcot test track attraction amusement park ride designer

FM3 Wheels Pack v1.1 - 11 wheels (SRs & GNs)

Hi, this is my new version of FM3 Wheels Pack
also only 11 wheels SRs and GNs for now.

~>6 new rims


wheel_gn1 - Volk Racing TE37
wheel_gn2 - WedsSport SA-97 F
wheel_gn3 - Zender Dynamic
wheel_gn4 - Rota P45R
wheel_gn5 - Boyd Coddington Slayer
wheel_sr1 - Gram Lights T57-RC
wheel_sr2 - BBS RS-GT
wheel_sr3 - Work CR Kai
wheel_sr4 - Advan Super Advan Racing Ver.2
wheel_sr5 - Advan RGII
wheel_sr6 - WedsSport TC105N

Coming soon: DUB, Lexani, American Racing and others wheels.

If you want you can edit/convert/use on other mods.
no problem about that :)



Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV GSR '99

- 3 Models for chose (front bumpers)
- Basic Engine
- Full Damage+Airbags
- Realistic Shadow
- HQ Textures

Now Fixed with passengers in the backseat and also Extra Spolier
But only the model #1 :)
download Ver.1.1 below

3D concept vehicles by Gavin Rothery

Gavin Rothery's portfolio. More work on ships and robots.

Below are vihicle renders from the movie MOON.

Keywords: 3d three dimensional vehicle concept art model software renders by gavin rothery production set art from the movie moon directed by duncan jones winner of the 2009 award for the best british independent film.

Concept vehicle art by Matt Tkocz

Matt's web portfolio site mattmatters.com. Check Matt on conceptships.

Keywords: concept automobile transportation car motorcycle vehicle art design by matt tkocz born in rybnik poland in 1986 concept design visual development high definition large format design blog web site

Pontiac G8 GXP - Police [LSPD] v.1

Converted from Forza Motorsport 3 to GTA-SA
by Matheus340


*Full Damage+AirBags
*Lights for ELM Cleo
*SA Plates
*Basic Engine
*New Trunk
*Realistic Shadow

Para ficar melhor, vocĂȘ pode usar o 'ELM v8 for GTA SA
(Emergency Light Mod)' - procure no google ou youtube.