Alpha-N BMW 1M RS

The one of the most lightest and faster car produced by BMW is "Alpha-N BMW 1M RS". It is a remake of Alpha-N improving its weight which is critical while racing.It is a super sport couple car.It has a fuel tank capacity of 16.6 gallons which is 63 liter.It's length is about 181.8 inches which is 461.7cm and has a wheelbase of 108.7 inches which is 276cm.It's height is 55.6 inches that is 141.2cm and it has a width of 77.8 inches which is 197.6cm.It has a luggage capacity of 11.1 cu-ft and has a maximum seating of 4 people.It uses Inline 6 as it's engine.It displaces 3.0 liters. It has a horsepower of 410 HP.It has 6-Speed Manual Transmission.


Specialties :

Vehicle Type              : Super Sport
Fuel Tank Capacity   : 63 liter
Length                        : 461.7cm
Wheelbase                 : 276cm
Height                        : 141.2cm
Width                         : 197.6cm
Luggage Capacity     : 11.1 cu-ft
Maximum Seating    : 4 people
Engine                       : Inline 6
Displacement            : 3 liter
Horsepower               : 410 HP

According to my study on Alpha-N BMW 1M RS. It is one of the only car has that has both function of a sport's car and a couple car and is reliably can be used as a family car.It's exterior design is also amazing  and superb. 

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