Mansory Ferrari 458 Spider

"Mansory Ferrari 458 Spider" is considered to be aggressive and aerodynamic high performance sports car.It is a Super Sport Coupe car.It has fuel capacity of 22.7 gallons which is 86 liters. It has length of 178.2 inches which is 452.6cm and wheelbase of 104.3 inches which is 264.9cm.It's height is of 47.7 inches that is 121.1cm and width of 76.3 inches .i.e. 193.8cm.It has a luggage capacity of 8.1 cu-ft.It has maximum seating for 2 people.It uses V8 DOHC as it's engine. It displaces 4.5 liters. It has a horsepower of 590 HP. It give 131 HP per liter.It's torque 413 lb-ft.It has 7-Speed Dual Transmission.It takes 3.2 seconds for 0-60 mph.It has a maximum speed of 205 mph.



Vehicle Type             : Super Sport 
Fuel Tank Capacity  : 86 liter
Length                       : 452.6cm
Wheelbase                : 264.9cm
Height                        : 121.1cm
Width                         : 193.8cm
Luggage Capacity     : 8.1 cu-ft
Maximum Seating     : 2 people
Displacement             : 4.5 liter
Horsepower                : 590 HP
Torque                         : 413 lb-ft
0-60 mph                     : 3.2 sec
Top Speed                   : 205 mph

According to my study on this super sport coupe it is one of the affordable and a non waste of money car that has a very good engine and also feature a great look externally.

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