Porsche Cayenne GTS

"Porsche Cayenne GTS" is believed to be one of the best handling luxury midsize SUV.It is a SUV car.It estimated market price is $82050.It has a fuel capacity of26.4 gallons and that is 100 liters. It has MPG of 15 cities/21 hwy.It length is about 190.8 inches which is 484.6cm and wheelbase of 114.0 inches which is 289.5 cm.It has a height of 67.1 inches that is 170.4 cm and width of 76.3 inches that is 193.8 cm.It has a curb weight of 4597 lbs .i.e  2085 kg.It also has a luggage capacity of 62.9 cu ft and has a maximum seating of 5 people.It uses 4.8LV8 DOHC Turbo as its engine.It's compression ration is 12.5:1.It has a horsepower of 420 HP.It's maximum RPM is 6500 rpm.It has a torque  of 380 lb-ft.It transmission  is of 8-Speed Tiptronic S.It takes 5.4 seconds for 0-60 mph and it has a top speed of 162 mph.



Vehicle Type                  : SUV
Market Price                  :  $82050
Fuel Tank Capacity       : 100 liters
MPG                               : 15 city
Length                            : 484.6 cm
Wheelbase                     : 289.5 cm
Height                            : 170.4 cm
Width                             : 193.8
Curb Weight                  : 2085 kg
Luggage Capacity         : 62.9 cu-ft
Maximum Seating         : 5 people
Compression ratio        : 12.5:1
Horsepower                  : 420 HP
Max RPM                       : 6500 rpm
Torque                           : 380 lb-ft
0-60 mph                        : 5.4 sec
Top Speed                     : 162 mph

According to my study so far on "Porsche Cayenne GTS" I came to now that its a only luxury SUV car that can be afforded by anyone.It has a very good function and outer looks.

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