Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari became one of the most coveted cars when it decided to develop Enzo."Ferrari Enzo" uses the technology of Formula One.It was developed in 2002.It is a sports car having 2 doors Coupe.It's base price is $644000.It has a length of 185.1 inches that is 470 cm and has a width of 80.1 inches that is 203.5 cm.It's height is 45.2 inches which is 114.7 cm and wheel base is 104.3 inches which is 264.9 cm.It's curb weight is 1369 kg and it has a maximum seating for 2 people.It uses 6.0L 48-valveV12 as it's engine and has a displacement of 5988cc.It has 660 horsepower. 6 Speed Manual /auto shift transmission is used in this sports car.It takes approximately 3.65 seconds for 0-60 mph.It is estimated that it has a maximum speed of 217 mph. It has torque of 657 lb-ft@5500 rpm and has a maximum rpm of 7800 rpm.


Vehicle Type               : 2 Door Coupe
Base Price                   : $644000
Length                         : 470 cm
Width                           : 203.5 cm
Height                          : 114.7cm
Wheel Base                 : 264.9 cm
Curb Weight                : 1369 kg
Maximum Seating       : 2 people
Displacement               : 5988 cc
Horsepower                  : 660 HP
Torque                          : 657lb-ft
0-60 mph                       : 3.65 sec
Top Speed                     :  217 mph

According to my study so far Ferrari sport's car is the world's best sport's car and its Enzo is just superb it has a great engine with superb finishing both externally and internally.

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