Aston Martin Vantage V12 Roadster

"Aston Martin Vantahe V12 Roadster" is considered to be a luxury car.It's price is very high.It is named as a luxury car due to it's luxury design and cost.It is world one of the most expensive luxury car.It is a couple car.Since it is of very high cost it's price is not yet estimated.It has fuel capacity of 17.6 gallon which is 80 liters. It has length of 172.5 inches that is 438.2 cm and has a wheel base of 102.3 inches which is 202.2 cm.It has a height of 49.4 inches and width of 79.6 inches.It's curb weight is 3880 lbs which is 1760 kg.It has maximum seating of 2 people. It uses Quad Overhead Cam V12 as it engine and has a horse power of 510 HP. It's displacement is 2935 cc and has ma maximum 6500 RPM.

It's torque is 420 lb-ft@5750rpm and it's transmission of 6 speed manual.It take 4.5 seconds for 0-60 mph.It has maximum speed of  190 mph.



Vehicle Type                      : Couple
Base Price                         : NA
Fuel Tank Capacity            : 80 liters
Miles Per Gallon                : NA
Length                               : 438.2 cm
Wheel Base                       : 260 cm
Height                                : 125.6 cm
Width                                 : 202.2 cm
Curb Weight                      : 1760 kg
Ground Clearance             : NA

Luggage Capacity              : NA
Maximum Seating              : 2 people
Displacement                      : 5935 cc
Horsepower                        : 510 HP
Max RPM                            : 6500
Torque                                : 420 lb-ft
0-60 mph                             : 4.5 sec

According my study so far "Aston Martin Vantage V12 Roadster" deserves to be a luxury couple car as it has each and every specialties that a luxury car should have so far.  

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