2012 Toyota Camry

Toyota introduced the all-new, seventh-generation Toyota Camry, sophisticated design with a larger interior, improved driving dynamics and even quieter than before. With class-leading safety, fuel economy and multi-media technology, the end result is the best Toyota Camry ever made.

Toyota Camry offers three powertrain choices, which have all been upgraded in 2012 to provide better fuel economy and performance is more responsive.
All Camry models with a 2.5 liter four-cylinder revision now offers 178 horsepower, an increase of nine hp and 170 lb.-ft. peak torque. 2.5-liter engine uses Dual VVT-i (Dual Variable Valve Timing-intelligent), which controls valve timing on both intake and exhaust camshafts for optimal performance and efficiency at all engine speeds. The Acoustic Control Induction System (ACIS) helps optimize the torque at a wide range of engine speed.

2012 Toyota Camry has a simple yet elegant form of modern, emphasizing stance, wider lower than the previous model. Headlights show a more dynamic, with a pronounced curvature of the main-beam unit incorporates a bumper cover. Fog lamps are standard on the XLE and SE. Rear light clusters wrap tightly to the side of the body, with the top panel and extending to the trunk.

2012 Toyota Camry offers a more attractive interior and spacious. A new dashboard design, location of seats modified, redesigned seats and "lean" the door, the main pillar and trim all combine to add both real space and a greater perception of spaciousness while also increasing visibility to the outside. Reposition the driver's seat and wheel tilt / telescoping steering standard (tilt has increased 33 percent for greater driver comfort) also helps improve visibility to the front and the driver's position.