2012 Honda CR-V

The fourth-generation Honda CR-V are all new, including sophisticated styling direction, offering dual technology firsts for Honda and improve fuel economy on all models. 2012 Honda CR-V is designed continues to exceed customer expectations for entry-level SUV. The main enhancements include improvements to the car like comfort interior, a quieter ride, and more innovative features.

Compared with previous generations, this concept has a more aggressive line models. Lower front bumper complete the look of a rugged SUV, while the front bumper design which gives a lower aerodynamic excellent. The new Honda CR-V has made a last vertical lights that contribute to the three-dimensional shape and design of the car in one compact unit.

2012 Honda CR-V showed a new attention to the driving experience, with sophisticated and precise instrumentation and colorful "intelligent" Multi-Information Display (i-MID) that offer various features that can be customized via fingertip controls on the steering wheel. Seating position a little lower and give back the CR-V more carlike feel of the cabin, and keep the driver with the same point of view. CR-V audio systems offer new levels of connectivity, which is led by Pandora ® internet radio interface. With the iPhone running the Pandora application that is connected to the CR-V USB port, Pandora color information appears on the screen i-MID, and the driver can control the application with the steering-wheel mounted controls, or touch screen navigation system.

2012 Honda CR-V using a 185-horsepwoer 2.4 liter DOHC i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine, and is supported by a dual overhead cam (DOHC), all-aluminum, 2.4 liter inline four-cylinder 16-valve design that has the intake manifold and high volume . With 5-speed automatic transmission Grade Logic Control is standard on all models of Honda CR-V. K24Z7 engine produces 185 horsepower at 7000 rpm and torque is rated 163 pounds-ft. at 4400 rpm.

Four-cylinder engine that uses technology to reduce friction CR-V new machine designed to improve engine efficiency. To improve the smoothness rpm and helps reduce the noise level is lower, the CR-V is equipped with an internal balancer unit. Consists of a pair of chain-driven counter-rotating shafts located in the oil pan, balancing system helps quell second-order harmonic vibrations that are usually attached to the impact of in-line 4-cylinder.