2012 Nissan Hi-Cross Concept

A new concept car from Nissan, which will be given a World Premiere at 2012 Geneva Motor Show, a design that may herald a new direction for the company.

The concept cars is called Hi-Cross, a proposal to see how to extend the market leadership of the Nissan crossover with a possible expansion of the portfolio-Juke-Qashqai Murano today. This cars was made in Japan, Hi-Cross concept is a compact yet roomy and elegant turns. Take two forms of 'intelligence'. Although a modest proportion of the external, Nissan Hi-Cross Concept has a highly efficient interior space with three rows of seats for seven passengers.

Equally clever is the use of hybrids, coupling the electric motor and powered by Nissan's lithium-ion batteries were developed, with a 2.0-liter engine fuel injection directly to deliver the potential performance of the 2.5-liter economy and emissions are expected from a smaller unit from the previous one.

To Nissan Hi-Cross Concept, HEV drivetrain is based on new technologies developed by Nissan with the front wheel drive model, but modified to provide four-wheel drive. The new system is an innovative approach to adopt affordability and packaging 'of the motor, two-coupling' technologies associated with new generation Nissan Xtronic continuously variable transmission which itself reached 10 percent improvement in fuel economy over comparable previous-generation CVTs. Low friction pivot design has a smaller-diameter pulleys with new belts to provide the broadest possible coverage ratio for improved efficiency.

Extensive use of hybrid drivetrain that battery technology was developed by the motor control technology, providing help when needed acceleration and allows downsizing of gasoline engines for optimum economy and emissions. For driving in the city, the presence of an electric motor and lithium-ion battery allows the engine to shut down frequently. It can also be detached completely with the clutch, and energy can be effectively recovered during braking.

Nissan's new design Hi-Cross in the presence of a thick character line extending from the hood along the sides of the car to the D-pillar. In the back has a distinctive sign lighting is provided by the force of the rear combination lamps resonates with a headlamp lighting. Inside, the seven-seat cockpit dashboard is dominated by the new T-shaped wings.