2012 Toyota Alphard

2012 Toyota Alphard have been recognized with exclusivity, it is proved again by Toyota with its newest product that is Alphard 2012. This time, Toyota Alphard appear more luxurious, more prestigious, more high class, and tougher than ever.

Elegant appearance and make the car a successful entrepreneur is the main attraction of the Toyota Alphard. This premium family car design now claimed more progressive, more luxurious and powerful, thus providing a more classy refreshment. The first luxury visible from the body design is almost similar to lymosin. In addition, Toyota Alphard has a large headlights diamond cut models and is equipped with HID (High Intensity Discharge) xenon.

In the interior a touch given to interior design and new colors for darker wood panels, sliding and reclining placement on the shoulders of the front seats. The most significant refinement with the system by placing the speaker premium audio alerts Focal Premium Speaker with a total of 10 speakers from the previous 8 speakers. Focal Premium Speaker used has Berllium inverted dome tweeter, the high quality materials that produce higher quality audio quality, crisp and clear.

In terms of its exterior, the changes seen in the front grille that gives the impression of firm and strong and comes with a chrome molding on the hood. Front bumper and fog lamp and rear lights also reengineered making it increasingly luxurious and dynamic. Aura sportsmanship then shown on the new alloy wheels measuring 17 inches. Despite these relatively minor changes, but the image of the successful Toyota Alphard become more exclusive.

From what we see, in combining toughness Intelligence Toyota engine, suspension, interior and body design is captivating. Relief and practicality in Alphard Toyota presented a modern and charming look in this car. In addition to attractive design, Toyota Alphard has a 2400 cc engine option and 3,000 cc. This versatile MPV also has great practicality. As the rear bench which can be arranged in multiple configurations to get the breadth of space to put large suitcases, as well as golf bags, so in addition to style, this car is also very suitable to be used as a family car.

For class mpv car, Toyota Alphard performance offered no kidding. Because in addition to tough, stubborn mpv is also used in various fields. even so, driving comfort remains a virtue car that is intended for this family.

This latest Toyota Alphard also offers an attractive and elegant colors, namely white and silver. of course, the appropriate color to show how ramahnya car to drive with the family. other than that, the car's interior is no less luxurious exterior design.