McLaren MP4-12C 2012

--- RELEASE ---
2012 McLaren MP4-12C converted from FM4, TDU2 and  Shift 2 to GTA SA

--- Version for ImVehLM ---

- Highly detailed 
- HQ Textures
- Full damage
- Realistic car shadow
- Retexturized interior
You need to install this cleo mods to work:
- Brake Pads
- Real 12c lights
- Turning lights R/L
- Separated brake lights
- Reverse lights
- Interior lights
- Active dash, steering and wipers
I have not seen a cleo mod for digital gauges. so, the speedometer and gears info will not change [N], but the reverse gear [R] work
Some mclaren's colors for you add/replace on your carcols.dat as the mclaren orange, volcano red and azure blue.
PaintJobs included on download are just extra colors with carbon fiber/black turning vanes or mirrors.
It also change the colors of wheels, exhausts and wing parts
Don't have normal SA Plates, but a custom SA plate for lightning with ImVehLM
have fun!

--- New version for ImVehLM ---

- With SA Plates (Plate light don't work with ImVehLM) -

- Custom plate (light plates work) -

--- Previous Version, lights not compatible with ImVehLM ---

SA Plates, effects on headlights, steering mod and brake pads

Author: Marty Mcfly